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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finishing Touches...

My Uppercase Living order arrived today. Yay! Uppercase Living is lettering, designs, phrases, and quotes made from vinyl that appear hand-painted. They go directly on walls, glass, mirrors, tile,canvas, car windows, mail boxes, front doors, boats etc.... the options are endless and they are EASY to apply. No paint, no stencils and no mess! They are also easily removed.

Above my front door....

I put the one in Jude's room up ALL BY MYSELF.. I was supposed to wait for my friend to help me but, it was so cool I wanted to get it up right away.

Don't carry the world upon your shoulders???....lyrics to "Hey Jude".

Chester County Moms...if you are interested in hosting an Uppercase Living party please contact K.C at kc@diaperbagwrangler.com


Margie G. said...

VERY cool! Can't wait to see the whole room in person.

Anonymous said...

What a great room! Did you paint that yourself? I'm looking for someone to design my playroom if you have any experience doing so.