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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

LEGO Store - Grand Opening

LEGO Store
Grand Opening Celebration
October 3rd - 5th
Mark your calendar for the Grand Opening Celebration
of the new LEGO Store in THE PLAZA, LOWER LEVEL outside of JCPenney

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and on Wednesday, the entire audience of The Ellen Degeneres Show will be filled with 300 breast cancer survivors and their families. Ellen, will be kicking off ELLEN FOR THE CURE campaign, which will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure® for the third year in a row. For the entire month of October Ellen will be trying to raise funds to help find a cure. It can be done. Her does her first guest, 8-year-old KATIE GOLD, who has been trying to raise $10,000 for breast cancer research by selling lemonade and gift baskets! (She’s already raised $800!) Then, Ellen will be joined by SUZANNE SOMERS, who is herself a survivor. They will discuss her encouraging story of how she beat the disease, and Suzanne will also share some secrets to staying positive from her book, “Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness.” Plus, her next guest toured with the Jonas Brothers all summer and has become a teen sensation in her own right -- actress and singer DEMI LOVATO will keep everyone’s spirits high with a rousing performance of her song “Get Back”! Then in true Ellen fashion she has a HUGE surprise for the audience, and trust me, this will be a show that you won’t want to miss!

Boston or Bust!

We are counting down the days.... The Chester County Moms Blog team is headed to Boston on October 10th and driving there compliments of BlogHer's GM Car Pool. We will be twittering and blogging the entire ride to Boston and of course the whole weekend.

Follow us:
twitter: ChescoMoms

Hoilday Photo Shoot with CR Photography

C. Raysor Photography is now booking Holiday Mini-Sessions!

This time of year, I am sure you’re starting to think about your holiday cards,
and what picture to use for your card. Book your session with C. Raysor Photography
and let an experienced photographer make this the least stressful thing you do for this holiday season!

There are 2 packages to choose from:

Package 1
Session and Prints Package - $149*

30 minute portrait session
1 8x10 print
20 4×5 prints of one image to include in your Holiday Cards
Session and File Package

Package 2
30 minute portrait session - $149*
1 8x10 print
High resolution image on CD
This will allow you to use the image in creating your own cards

*Prices do not include PA Sales Tax of 6%

Call 484.888.2643 or email Chrissie at: infoATcraysor.com (replace ”AT” with the @ symbol)to book your holiday photo session!

If you forward this information on to your friends and they book a session and mention your name, you will EACH get 1 complimentary 8×10 print from your sessions!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catching up with old friends...

Sunday was a yucky rainy day, but a perfect day for staying in a watching a DVD. Lucky for me my daughter had a super fun birthday party Sunday afternoon at Bounce U and she wore herself out. We were not home for long before she was asking to take a nap. Gotta love that!

My husband and I watched Sex And The City while the kids were napping. I saw it on opening day with 20 of my girl friends. We got all dolled up and hit the town after.. Downingtown, that is. It was a big night out for 20 moms with toddlers.

My husband always watched the series with me on Sunday nights. Pre-kids, I was so Carrie. Shoes, bags, clothes...Good times! Good times!
Anyway.. in fear of having to turn in his "man-card" if he saw the movie in the theatre, he waited for the DVD release to watch in the comfort of our own home. He went out this morning and got a copy of the DVD. I am SURE he told the clerk that waited on him that the DVD was a gift for me. Just to save face.

When the theme music played during the opening credits. I was talking and he shhh'd me. He actually shh'd me! He was totally into the movie from the first word spoken and was just as happy to see the girls back together as I was.
The "wedding" scene was a really intense moment for him. He was talking back to the TV like he does while watching football. Too funny!

All and all, it was a great day and a relaxing afternoon for us. I definitely recommend the movie, even if you never watched the TV series. The intro brings you up to speed on who is who in the movie.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Click here to place your delivery order online.
*FREE DELIVERY: $150 minimum order. Order must be delivered by 9/30/08. Limit 1 use per household. May not be combined with select offers. Limited Delivery Area.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lend a helping.. paw!

The Chester County SPCA is able to fulfill its mission and provide service in a variety of areas through the support of many generous donors.

If you are able to contribute any of the following to The Chester County SPCA, please contact the front adoption office at office@ccspca.org or call
610-692-6113 x 226.

Cleaning Supplies
Laundry Detergent and Bleach
Cleanser and Scouring Pads
Dishwashing Soap
Dust Pans and Brushes
Brooms, Mops and Buckets
Window Cleaner
Rubber Gloves

Office Supplies
Copier paper
Batteries - AA and AAA
Large Mailing Envelopes

Pet Care Supplies
Rawhide Chews
Washable Dog and Cat Toys
Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Bowls
Dog Bicuits
Cat Treats
Heating Pads
Dog and Cat Brushes and Combs
Kitty Litter (non-clumping)
Pooper Scoopers
Towels and Blankets
Wash Cloths

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chester County League of Women Voters Voter Registration..

Register to vote as well as receive important information on voting at the Chester County League of Women Voters registration table.

Saturday, September 27th and Saturday, October 4th


In front of KB Toys near the Food Court

The League of Women Voters is a non partisan, political organization whose purpose is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences government through education and advocacy. The League is a grassroots organization with national, state and local chapters which parallel the levels of government.

Build & Grow Workshop at Lowe's

Build a Firetruck at Lowe's FREE Build & Grow Workshop for kids.
Saturday, September 27, 2008
Lowe's - Downingtown (Rt. 30)
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required. Click here to register online.

Show us what's inside!

Seventh Generation, a leading brand of green cleaners, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, diapers, baby wipes, recycled toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels, is urging regulators for more "ingredient transparency". In other words, for other companies to actually tell us what ingredients are in the products we buy for our families! Seventh Generation believes in full disclosure!

Go check out their Show What's Inside website for some fascinating information, a great Label Reading Guide (that you can download to your desktop or mobile), and some ways to take action.

And, you may also want to check out Seventh Generation's main site for some great product coupons!

Get the look...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glam Give Away

ReNu MultiPlus® is partnering with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® by creating 40 limited edition pink CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements contact lens cases* to be given away exclusively online during October. Bausch & Lomb will also donate up to $400,000 through sales of its ReNu MultiPlus solution. To learn how you can help—and win one of Bausch & Lomb’s super glam cases—visit ReNuCares online.
*Lens case valued at $350-compliments of Swarovski.

Green Shopping Tip: Remember the Bag!

Whether you've made your own sacks from recycled t-shirts or purchased totes that support a good cause, the reusable bag is a shopping must have. Amassing a collection of eco-friendly bags is the easy part--remembering to bring them every time you go to the store can be tricky. Be prepared for spur-of-the-moment sprees by storing extra canvas or hemp bags in your bike basket, office cubicle, and the trunk of your car. Stash a small reusable produce bag in your purse or briefcase so that if you decide to swing by the farmer's market on your lunch hour, you won't have to juggle your fruit to avoid the ol' plastic bag.

Source: The Sierra Club's The Green Life

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Steal a Cookie from Kashi!

Go ahead, steal a cookie!

Why? Because Kashi's cookies are good and good for you. So you get whole-grain nutrition along with chocolatey, chewy satisfaction. All you have to do is sign up here, and they'll send you one free Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookie.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Read all about it...

Please join us as we welcome Kelly, the newest member of the Chester County Mommy Blogger team.

Kelly is a Chester County mother of 2. She grew up in West Chester, but left to attend college in the Happy Valley (Go Penn State!) and returned with a teaching degree and married her high school sweetheart. Kelly started blogging as a way for her family and friends to stay up to date with her young family. She is both a member of The Philly Mommy Bloggers and Chester County Mommy Bloggers. Kelly is an avid reader and loves a fun night out with her book club and hopes to introduce fellow Chester County Moms to some great reads not only for themselves but for their children too.

6 Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water

By Seth Czarnecki, Nubella News

Americans' addiction to bottled water has exploded. In 1976, only 350,000 bottles of water were sold. Today, more than 9.4 billion bottles are sold each year, equaling more than $12 billion in sales. However, more people are beginning to question the need for and benefits of bottled water. In fact, certain groups, like Think Outside the Bottle, say our country needs to break its bottled water addiction.

Here, six reasons why you should kick the plastic habit.

1. Water and oil do mix. Although these two liquids may not get along in the kitchen, oil powers the bottled water industry. The Earth Policy Institute estimates that it takes up to 1.5 million barrels of oil to power the plants that make the plastic for the bottles-that's enough to power 100,000 cars for a year.

2. Natural spring water? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that as much as 25 percent of bottled water comes from municipal sources, a.k.a. tap water. Be sure to check the label and cap of the bottle. If it says "from a community water system" or "from a municipal source," it originates from tap. What's more, the water doesn't always come from the branded source. For example, the water bottled for the Deer Park brand (which originated in Deer Park, Maryland) is taken from counties in Florida and Pennsylvania.

3. Bottled water doesn't go green. The interesting paradox that exists in bottle water consumption is the image it portrays as being healthy and clean, but it is anything but good for the environment. In California alone, approximately a billion plastic bottles are not recycled, according to the California Department of Conservation (CDOC). What's even more troubling, the Container Recycling Institute (CRI) says that plastic water bottles have a litter rate of about 30 million a day.

4. Bottled water gets a pass. Despite astronomical sales, bottled water plants go relatively unchecked. The FDA, which is responsible for regulating bottled water, admits that "bottled water plants generally are assigned low priority for inspection." The FDA does not require disinfection of bottled water, nor does it have a confirmed E. Coli and fecal coliform ban, which means, unlike tap water, bottled water is permitted to have small amounts of these two potentially harmful bacteria.

5. There's something in the water. The water you're drinking may not be as clean as you think it is. In 2007, the FDA recalled Jermuk bottled water sold in California after finding trace amounts of arsenic, a naturally occurring chemical that can be toxic at very high levels. Furthermore, controversial chemicals called phthalates, which may disrupt the production of testosterone and other hormones, can seep into bottled water over time, according to research conducted by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

6. Support for the tap. Contrary to popular opinion, tap water isn't necessarily healthier than bottled water. After conducting an extensive, four-year review of the bottled water industry, the NRDC concluded that bottled water is not any safer or cleaner than tap water. If taste is the issue, opt for home filters. Depending on your needs, you can choose to install one on your refrigerator or on your faucet or you can simply store a pitcher of filtered water in the fridge. Ultimately, filtering your own tap water can save you money and help the environment.

So, whenever possible, use your own refillable BPA-free plastic or metal water bottle. It's better for your health and for the environment!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Make it a Green Halloween!

In 2007, Corey Colwell-Lipson, mom of 2 girls, launched Green Halloween in Seattle. Her mission was to make Halloween both healthier and more earth-friendly, without sacrificing any of the fun for the kids! This year the initiative is expanding nationwide, and their website is FULL of fantastic ideas to help you green your Halloween!

First, you can make your halloween handouts a little bit more green. Here are a few ideas:

1. Here are some green treat ideas: Organic juice boxes, Organic apple sauce snack packs, Organic fruit leather, Boxes of organic raisins or other organic dried fruits, Trial size packs of dried veggie chips (like Terra Chips), Spooky S'mores Clif Kids Organic ZBar, Organic granola/breakfast bars, or Trial/snack sized bags of organic cookies, crackers, or popcorn (like Snikiddy or Annie's).

2. Or, you could hand out some non-food items such as: Adhesive "bandages" with pirate, black cat and other fun themes, Barrettes or other hair things, Bean bags (homemade), Charms, Coins, Confetti (biodegradable, water-soluble), Cookie cutters - mini, soy-based crayon "rocks", Fake jewels (lead free), Fortunes, Jokes, Seashells, Seed packets, Stickers, Temporary Tattoos (recycle-themed), or toothpaste.

3. If you really don't want to give up on handing out candy, maybe you could consider giving certified organic, all natural candy. The Green Halloween site has some excellent suggestions for brands that offer organic candy.

If your child does collect candy on Halloween, here are some ideas:

1. Invite the Halloween Fairy to come to your home: Talk about how the Halloween fairy turns candy into magic fairy dust and so needs as much candy as she can get her hands on. Explain that if a child leaves his bag of candy outside on the porch, the fairy will gladly come to take the candy, and because she will be so grateful for the help with her fairy-dust-making, she’ll leave in the candy’s place a very special gift. Some parents make the exchange while their child is brushing their teeth, others wait until their child is asleep. Either way, make a big deal of it! Act surprised! You may also want to consider letting your child keep a small amount of candy and leaving the rest out for the fairy. Please don’t donate your leftover sweets to charity, though. Other people’s kids don’t need the candy either.

2. Have a candy trade: let your kids trade their candy towards other little gifts or give them a “pumpkin point” for each piece of candy they collect. Use pumpkin points to “buy” a toy or do a special activity with your child.

3. Let them choose a limited amount of candy to eat (for example, one piece for each year your child is old). In many cities, the leftover candy can be recycled and turned into compost! Just be sure to remove candy from its wrapper first.

Tip for parents: Model healthy choices. Remember that your children look to you for cues. When you take good care of yourself, others and the planet, your child is bound to follow in your footsteps. When you show your children that having a Green Halloween can be just as fun (if not more so) than one that is not-so-healthy, your children will be more likely to go along with the changes and may find themselves loving every minute of it.

Sources: Kiwi Magazine and Green Halloween

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going Green.. Welcome Shannon to the team!

In our efforts to "Go Green" we are so excited to welcome fellow "Mommy Blogger" Shannon from "You Ott 2 Know" to The Chester County Moms Blogging Team...

Shannon, is a Chester County mom of 2 beautiful girls. She came to the area as an undergrad at West Chester County University. The blogging bug bit Shannon in early 2008 and she has been posting away ever since. Shannon is a member of both The Chester County Mommy Bloggers and The Philly Mommy Bloggers. When not blogging Shannon loves to spend time with her husband and daughters camping, hiking and enjoying the fresh air. Shannon is deeply passionate about going green, organic eating and the environment. She feels going green is something that can be done by everyone in small steps through education and dedication. She hopes to share tips on very easy ways to make more environmentally friendly choices in your own life without breaking the bank. Click here to be directed to Shannon's personal blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Horn Plumbing to the rescue!!!

The past few weeks of my life have been issue after issue after issue. Today I get both kids down for a nap and go into my bathroom to take a shower. I turn on the water. It is cold. 5 minutes later still cold. Hmmm... I let the water run for awhile and it wasn't getting hot, not even getting warm. Ugh! Great just what I needed. A broken hot water heater. I called my husband and asked him if he took a cold shower when he got ready for work earlier this morning. He said he did. I asked why he didn't tell me and he said he just thought he took a super fast shower and finished before the water had a chance to warm. Headshake, eyeroll, sigh.

I called Jenn to vent and laugh over my streak of bad luck and she told me to call Horn Plumbing. She said they are reliable and she refers them to everyone. Works for me. I hung up with her and called right away. Betty answered and asked me if my hot water heater was gas or electric. I told her.. it was white, I knew that. She laughed and walked me step by step of finding the information she needed to get my appointment scheduled. I called at 3PM so she wasn't sure if she would be able to get someone out to me right away. I was bummed but figured someone would be out first thing in the morning. 15 minutes later the phone rang. It was Betty from Horn Plumbing and she was calling to tell me Nick the Plumber was on his way. He arrived just before 4PM. Not even an hour after I called and within a few minutes he had my problem diagnosed. I had a faulty thermostat. Not a big deal or cost to fix. Finally some great news! Thank you Nick the Plumber!

So..if you find yourself standing in the shower with no hot water or need a reliable plumber the Mommy Bloggers at Chester County Moms recommend Horn Plumbing!

304 National Rd. Suite 100
Exton, PA 19341
Phone: 610-363-4200

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Buy a Cookie, Save a Life!

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year, help Lord & Taylor support the launch of the highly-anticipated children’s charity, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, by stopping by any Lord & Taylor store starting September 13* and purchasing an all-natural chocolate chip cookie. All proceeds from each $3.00 treat go directly to helping fi nd a cure for pediatric cancers. It’s a delicious way to make a difference.

*Dates subject to change

Sunday, September 07, 2008

AWESOME Pizza Deal

Every Monday Fino's Pizza in Downingtown has an AWESOME Pizza special.

ONLY $5.50 for a Large Cheese Pizza. Topping are of course extra.. but, $5.50 for a large cheese pizza...How cool is that? I love Fino's and order there at least once a week... The pizza is really good!

When you place your order please don't forget to mention Chester County Moms...

Fino's Pizza
261 Norwood Rd
(the exit is right off the Rt. 30 by-pass)
Downingtown, PA 19335
610-873-2088 or 610-873-2188
(They deliver within 5 miles of the pizza shop)

Paper Frog Puppet Craft

I saw this fun paper frog puppet on the Family Fun website and it looked like lots of fun to make so I thought I would share it with you.

Prep Time: Under 1 hour
What you need:

Dessert paper plate Green paint Utility knife Scissors Construction paper
Seasons: Rainy day, Year round
Materials: paper
1. When it's thoroughly dry, fold the plate in half and use a utility knife (parents only) to make a 1-inch slit (for the frog's tongue) in the center of the fold.
2. Create a fingerhold on the underside of the body using a 2-by-3-inch piece of green construction paper.
3. Center it on the bottom of the folded plate and tape the shorter edges in place.
4. For eyes, cut out a pair of 1-by-2-inch green rectangles and round the upper edges.
5. Fold each rectangle in half and glue the lower portion to the top of the body.
6. Glue on white and black paper circles, as shown.
7. Cut frog legs out of construction paper, a shorter set for the front and a long, bent pair for the back.
8. Tape the tops of the legs to the underside of the body.
9. Cut out a 3/4-by-7-inch tongue from red construction paper. Round one end and slip it through the slit. To wag the frog's tongue, jiggle the straight end.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Moms Going Back To College

By Stacy DeBroff

According to a Current Population Survey conducted by the Census Bureau, the greatest percentage rise in college attendance was by women 30 and over. It seems apparent that moms are going back to college and graduating in record numbers. In the report it states that there are now 2.3 million women 30 or older attending college. As a former student at Harvard Law School, I ran the Public Interest Advising Office, saw moms seeking a law degree while raising kids or after kids had grown. This experience gave me helpful insight on moms choices to resume their careers or reinvent their professional selves.

The current trend is due to women’s need for an intellectual passion. Going back to school serves as an exciting springboard to re-invent yourself. Stay at home moms often feel that their minds and talents are being underutilized (changing toilet paper rolls is not on the top of the list and twenty minutes reading a magazine just does suffice!), and working moms often feel that they are treading water career-wise to keep up with their family’s needs. Classes that are intellectually stimulating provide an exciting opportunity for personal growth and finding fulfilling work.

Going back to school also doesn’t hurt the bank account. Financial independence for women is key in modern times. Women are much more likely than men to live alone later in life, and with the high divorce rate, ending up a single mom is a major concern. There are also always those college and retirement savings causing a concern for most families. The motivation is that those with college educations and advanced degrees can command higher salaries and more exciting work opportunities in today's economy.

Going back to college for women can also be caused by need for a career change up. Often women's first career does not mesh with having a family; Moms usually come back to school because they have had kids before completing their education, or they opted out of a very structured or unfulfilling job.
Many Moms want to make a career shift where they have more control over their time and the flexibility to accommodate everything from a sick child to cheering on the soccer sidelines.
Going back to school is the ideal way Jumpstart a new, more fulfilling career path for ourselves.

Moms may be asking themselves, when do I have time to go to school? But, when kids first enter elementary school, it suddenly frees up time for moms to pursue their own interests. Instead of taking care of their kids 24/7, Moms can take morning or early afternoon classes and still be there for pick-ups and after-school activities. Moms can pursue college or graduate degrees without feeling like they are missing out on family life.

Schools are also making higher education more available to moms. Colleges and graduate programs are enthusiastically throwing opening their doors to Moms. Many have developed programs especially designed for women with children at home, with classes clustered from 9-3, ending just in time to zip back to greet the school bus.

The star-up trend seems due to an intellectual Mom Renaissance of sorts - many moms put their careers on hold and want to get back to it. Women age 30 and older seeking the degrees they dreamed of but never had a chance to pursue as raising kids took priority for a number of years. Its a different time now…Most of us grew up with a stay-at-home mom who was like June Cleaver and while we may aspire to that level of nurturing to our kids...but we've also had more work opportunities than any other generation of women. What has emerged is a trend I think of as "sequencing" or taking life in chapters such as taking 8 years to focus primarily on one’s kids and then moving to the next chapter of balancing raising kids with time focused on our career achievement and personal growth.

Moms also make great students and hires after graduation. And there are many reasons for this. For one, we Moms make very focused, highly productive and self-motivated students. We are better able to focus and get things done efficiently, all that superb training from our years of being a parent and having life experiences under our belt. Employers are now stepping up efforts to lure stay-at-home moms back to work. I’ve seen this for myself. Before becoming a Mom Expert, I worked Harvard Law School where as a lawyer I ran the Public Interest Advising Office. I saw moms who getting law degrees while raising toddlers or after kids had grown, and they usually the top students. For these reasons and amid increasing competition for talent, Employers are now stepping up efforts to lure stay-at-home moms back to work.

My advice for moms starting out is not to procrastinate. The hardest part of returning to school may be getting started. Many Moms will say they've been thinking about it for five years. Often it just takes summoning up the courage to actually set foot back on campus. Go for it and try it in small chunks at first. Move this off the back burner as an important thing you do for yourself! And remember, you will make a great role model to your kids! Moms who go back to school have a great opportunity to be a role model for their school-aged kids. Kids who see their mothers hitting the books get inspired to work harder themselves, and they also have living proof that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Moms are thrilled to discover that their children are their biggest cheerleaders, and cheer wildly as Mom gets her diploma: WAY TO GO MOM!

Linvilla Orchards Pumpkin Land

September 6th through November 9th

An annual trip to Linvilla Orchard's Pumpkinland is a family tradition. During the months of September and October, Pumpkinland takes center stage at Linvilla Orchards in Media. Larger than life figures and scarecrows illustrate the legends and lore of the harvest season, local history and some of the many stories of pumpkins and apples.See piles of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, over 100 tons on display! Find a huge selection of straw bales, corn shocks, fall decorations of all kinds, masks, costumes and toys. Don’t get lost in the straw bale or cornfield maze!Live music, live entertainment, hayrides, train rides, pony rides, face painting, straw bale and cornfield mazes, pick-your-own apples, candy and caramel apples, Costume Parade, Jack-o-lantern exhibit, the Linvilla Grill, Costume & Halloween Shops. Fun, fun, fun!

My Gym - Open House!

138 Eagleview Blvd.
Exton, PA 19341
(McDonald's/Giant Shopping Center off of Rt. 113)

Don't miss your opportunity to bring your children to
My Gym for a fabulously fun Open House!
Friday, Sept. 5th, 3pm-7pm
Saturday, Sept. 6th, 10am-2pm

Make sure you stop by to enter your name in the raffle! At the end of the Open House, My Gym staff will be raffling off a FREE birthday party, a FREE session of classes, a FREE Parents Night Out PLUS they will be giving away other awesome prizes during the Open House!
You must enter in person so stop by!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


My daughter is a HUGE Hannah Montana fan and was super excited to get this water-resistant Hannah Montana Carry-All from Avon. Yes, Avon!
Have you looked at an Avon catalog lately? It isn't your mother's Avon! Times have changed and so has the Avon product catalog.
While there is still the ever popular Skin So Soft Product Line the company has evolved and added a few new lines, kids products and a men's line.

If you are interested in looking at the catalog online, placing an order or hosting a party please contact Jessica Weld at 610-357-1265 or click here to be directed to her Avon website. Enter REP40 for FREE shipping now through September 30th.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chester County Moms - FLY - Day 2


So, waking up to a nice empty shiny sink really did start my day off on the right track. Usually I let the dishes sit after dinner but Sunday night I took the time to get them out of my sink and into the dishwasher and it started me off in the right direction for today. After dinner tonight. The dishes went right into the dishwasher and now it is 8PM and I am dishes FREE! Love it!

Today was Day 2... Get dressed to lace up shoes when you first get up in the morning. This means fix your hair and face too. I did it!
I had a doctors appointment this morning and I never get ready to go to the doctor. I have been seeing the same doctor for 15 years and this morning for the very first time the nurse told me I looked nice... Hmmm.... Maybe it was because my hair was styled and I had on something other than Mommy sweats. I felt really good!

Are you FLYing? Leave me a comment, let me know how you are doing.

Chester County Day!

The Chester County Day committee of The Women's Auxiliary to The Chester County Hospital is pleased to announce that the 68th Annual Chester County Day is Saturday, October 4, 2008 from 10 am to 5 pm and will feature the Southwest quadrant of the County.

Chester County Day tickets purchased in advance are $35. For those interested in tour tickets with a bus escort, tickets are $55. Tickets are non-refundable and are available for purchase by mail, online, or at The Chester County Hospital, The Chester County Historical Society or any one of our eleven satellite locations starting September 2nd.

To mail order tickets write to:
Chester County Day
Attn: Ticket Reservations
Box 1
West Chester, PA 19381

To order tickets online visit Active.com.

Please note there is an additional charge when ordering tickets online. Check the site for fee information.

Ticket reservations will be filled in the order received and will be mailed starting September 2nd.

Tickets are limited. If available, remaining tickets will be sold for $40 each on the "Day" at the Information Center located in the North Hills Medical Building, 795 East Marshall Street, Suite 103, West Chester. The tour is open to anyone over age 12. The Women's Auxiliary to The Chester County Hospital organizes Chester County Day. All proceeds will benefit the Hospital.

Those interested in a preview of the homes and landmarks that are on the "Day" can attend one of the many preview presentations given by a member of the Chester County Day committee. These programs help participants pinpoint the particular homes and attractions they prefer to visit during the Day. Public presentations will be held at the following times and locations:

Tuesday, September 16 @ 7:00 pm
Paoli Public Library
(seating limited to 25)
18 Darby Road
Paoli, PA

Tuesday, September 16 @ 7:00 PM *
The Chester County Hospital
Rhoads Building - Classroom 106
701 E. Marshall Street
West Chester, PA

Wednesday, September 17 @ 6:00 PM
The Henrietta Hankin Library
Community Room
215 Windgate Drive
Chester Springs, PA

Tuesday, September 23 @ 7:00 PM *
The Chester County Hospital
Rhoads Building - Classroom 106
701 E. Marshall Street
West Chester, PA

Tuesday, September 16 @ 7:00 pm
Bayard Taylor Library
216 East State Street
Kennett Square, PA

Thursday, September 25 @ 7:00 PM
East Goshen Township Building, 2nd Floor
1580 Paoli Pike
West Chester, PA

Monday, September 29 @ 7:00 PM
West Chester Public Library
@ West Chester Borough Hall
401 E. Gay Street
West Chester, PA

Tuesday, September 30 @ 7:00 PM *
The Chester County Hospital
Rhoads Building - Auditorium
701 E. Marshall Street
West Chester, PA

Wednesday, October 1 @ 7:00 PM
Easttown Library & Information Center
720 First Avenue
Berwyn, PA

Friday, October 3
@ 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 & 8:00 pm
Longwood Gardens
Visitors Center Auditorium
Route 1
Kennett Square, PA

Friday, October 3 @ 6:30 pm & 7:45 pm **
The Chester County Historical Society Auditorium
225 North High Street
West Chester, PA

Mothers of Multiples Semi- Annual Fall Sale

Stand up to Cancer

Stand Up To Cancer, a new initiative to raise money for accelerating ground-breaking research, launches an unprecedented collaboration uniting the major television networks, entertainment industry executives, celebrities and prominent leaders in cancer research and patient advocacy. ABC, CBS and NBC will donate one hour of simultaneous commercial-free primetime for a nationally televised fundraising event to air on September 5, 2008 at 8PM, aimed at rallying the public around the goal of ending cancer's reign as a leading cause of death. Please Watch! Please Donate!

Announcing a Hollywood Auction unlike any other. Start your Ebay bidding now, and through September 15 you will have a chance to win some once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experiences and signed memorabilia. And all of it in support of vital, groundbreaking cancer research.
Bid on spectacular packages like SPIDERMAN 4 and IRON MAN 2, including walk-on roles in these destined-to-be-hit films and tickets to their exclusive premieres. Or did you really want to direct? Get career advice over lunch while dining with Judd Apatow, director of KNOCKED UP and SUPERBAD, along with a personal visit to the set of his new film FUNNY PEOPLE. Click Here to find even more Hollywood SU2C Auctions. And let the bidding begin.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Milkshake in concert!

Chester County Concerts is proud to bring the kids music group Milkshake to Owen J. high School on Saturday, September 6th!

You know Milkshake! You’ve seen them and heard their music on Noggin, PBS KIDS, and Discovery Kids’ TV as well as XM Kids and Sirius Kidstuff satellite radio.

The fun starts at 9:00am with festival activities including: sand art, caricature art, henna art, face painting art, balloon art, karate demonstrations, and a kids' woodshop

Then from 10:30am to 11:00am get in touch with your inner monkey with high-spirited kids' comic John Hadfield.

At 11:30, put on your dancing shoes as Milkshake takes the stage and rocks the audience with songs like: Superhero, Bowling With You, My Best Friend, Imagination Nation, and Go Wild.

Afterwards, have your child sit with Lisa, Milkshake's lead singer, for a photograph.

Tickets to this not-to-be-missed event are now on sale for $12.50 and can be purchased with a credit card, Paypal or check by clicking here

For directions to Owen J. High School Click here

Going Green - 6 Ways To Save Gas

As a former Automotive Industry Insider. I am always trying to stay current on daily automotive news. The Mommy bloggers at Chester County Moms have added a new segment to our blog... Going Green. In the spirit of merging my dealership background and personal ecological responsibility I invite you to visit Green DrivingUSA.com to better understand what dealers are doing — and what you can do — to reduce greenhouse gases.

1. Avoid quick starts and aggressive driving. A smooth, steady speed saves gasoline and reduces wear and tear on the engine, tires, transmission and brakes.
2. Slow down! Fuel economy decreases about 1% for each mph over 55. Driving 65 mph vs. 75 miles mph, for example, increases fuel economy by about 10%.
3. Use overdrive and cruise control. Overdrive gears slow engine speeds, saving gasoline and reducing wear. By helping to maintain a constant speed, cruise control reduces gasoline consumption. Use both features only when safe and appropriate.
4. Combine trips when possible. Your engine runs more efficiently once it’s warmed up, so avoid making multiple short trips. Stop-and-go driving also burns more gasoline. Avoid driving during rush hour whenever you can.
5. Reduce drag. Remove roof racks, tow-hook carriers, and other items from your vehicle that cause wind resistance.
6. Avoid unnecessary idling. In addition to contributing to engine wear and tear and air pollution, consider that when your vehicle is idling, you are getting 0 miles per gallon of gasoline you use.

FlyLady Challenge

I am a busy mom....I am always on the go. Sometimes my house isn't the cleanest, my dishwasher doesn't get unloaded right away. Sometimes I don't get the laundry folded and put away right away... okay, who am I kidding. right away? sometimes it doesn't get put away at all, sometimes it takes me awhile to sort through my stacks upon stacks of magazines for some reason I keep, thinking that someday I will have time to read them. My office is probably the worst of my problems. The door is always closed so no-one can see my mess. It is so bad that only I can find things buried beneath the clutter. Okay, I admit it.. I need domestic help!

I was out for dessert with friends a few weeks ago when my friend Denise (mom of 4 that has it totally together) mentioned The FlyLady Method of organizing and de-cluttering your life.I asked a few questions and found out that FlyLady is a totally FREE website with tips on how to organize & de-clutter your life... Where do I sign up? When I got home I ran to my office and looked up the site. I loved it! I am totally motivated now.

So... today is September 1st and today is The Chester County Moms Blogging Teams 1st day of following the FlyLady "Baby Steps".

Step 1: Go Shine Your Sink!
After you do this; you will keep it shiny by drying it out after each time you use it and making sure when you go to bed that it is shining so it will make you smile in the morning. That shiny sink is a reflection of the love that you have for yourself.

The FlyLady system is all about establishing little habits that string together into simple routines to help your day run on automatic pilot. You can do this!

We are going to chart our progress daily and hope you will join us in the FlyLady 30day Challenge. Post pictures, leave comments.. we want to hear how you are doing.