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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Paper Frog Puppet Craft

I saw this fun paper frog puppet on the Family Fun website and it looked like lots of fun to make so I thought I would share it with you.

Prep Time: Under 1 hour
What you need:

Dessert paper plate Green paint Utility knife Scissors Construction paper
Seasons: Rainy day, Year round
Materials: paper
1. When it's thoroughly dry, fold the plate in half and use a utility knife (parents only) to make a 1-inch slit (for the frog's tongue) in the center of the fold.
2. Create a fingerhold on the underside of the body using a 2-by-3-inch piece of green construction paper.
3. Center it on the bottom of the folded plate and tape the shorter edges in place.
4. For eyes, cut out a pair of 1-by-2-inch green rectangles and round the upper edges.
5. Fold each rectangle in half and glue the lower portion to the top of the body.
6. Glue on white and black paper circles, as shown.
7. Cut frog legs out of construction paper, a shorter set for the front and a long, bent pair for the back.
8. Tape the tops of the legs to the underside of the body.
9. Cut out a 3/4-by-7-inch tongue from red construction paper. Round one end and slip it through the slit. To wag the frog's tongue, jiggle the straight end.

1 comment:

sarah said...

how cute! Have anything on worms? I have to do a craft class on worms on Thursday.

Hope all is well. Site is looking great.