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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Sites

Info on these great sites came in from a Chester County Dad... Thanks for the tips!

Momsview.com - A website offering coupons and sales information for many different stores including Best Buy, Home Depot, Gap, Babies R Us, etc.

ebates.com - An affiliate site that offers cash back (and it works, as I've gotten over $50 back from them). How it works is you go to their web site, click on a link to go to another web site (e.g. Borders.com) and make a purchase. Border's offers 4% cash back through eBates, so 4% of your purchase gets added to your eBates account. Every three months if you've earned over $5, they'll cut you a check. If you have earned less than $5, the money in your account carries over to the next period. The cash back is usually between 1 and 5%, but still something.

If you know of any websites that you would like to share with the Chester County Mom readers please email jenn@chestercountymoms.com

1 comment:

susan said...

Thanks for the tip! Try www.savingswatch.com as well. They offer a much higher cashback. Like Ebates, if you do online shopping anyway, it's worth signing up for Savingswatch, so that you can compare the cash back percentages to maximize your earnings. I have earned over $230 total since I have joined them.