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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cheap School Supplies

Good Day Philadelphia on FOX 29 had a segment on this morning on where to find cheap school supplies. I found this information on their website and thought I would share these amazing deals. If you know of another back to school item on sale and not included on this list please leave a comment or email us at jenn@chestercountymoms and we will add it to the list.

1 pack of 24 count Crayola Crayons - 22 cents at Target
3 SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS - Found at Walmart for 5 cents each
(or COMPOSITION NOTEBOOKS - Found at Target for 50 cents each)
4 2-POCKET FOLDERS - Found at Staples for 15 cents each
1 DOZEN PENCILS - Found at Staples* for FREE!
1 LARGE PENCIL ERASER - Found at Target for 69 cents
1 BOX COLORED PENCILS - Found at Target for 89 cents
1 DOZEN PENS - Found at Dollar Store for $1 or at Staples - Two 8 packs for 50 cents each
2 GLUE STICKS - Three pack found at Dollar Store for $1
1 PLASTIC PENCIL CASE - Found at Staples for 50 cents
1 RULER - Found at Staples* for FREE!
1 3-RING LOOSE LEAF BINDER - Found at Staples for 25 cents
1 PACK LOOSE-LEAF PAPER - Found at Staples for 79 cents
1 BOX REINFORCEMENTS - Found at Walmart for $1.88
1 PACK OF DIVIDERS - Found at Target for 87 cents
1 TI34ii CALCULATOR - Found online at mediamegamall.com for $16.49
1 SCHOOL BAG - Found at Toys "R" Us for $9.99 and came with FREE lunchbox!

*Click here to view Staples weekly FREE Back to School promotion

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