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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trivia Fact of the day

Impress your husband and friends with your football knowledge while watching the Eagles game this Sunday.

Did you know that .......The Eagles fight song was reputedly the creation of former owner Jerry Wolman's daughter, who, impressed by the "war chant" of the rival Washington Redskins, implored her father to play an Eagles equivalent during their games.

With the later sale of the team and move to Vetrans Stadium the fight song was largely forgotten, although a few die-hards could be heard singing the lyrics on special occasions. That it was ultimately brought back to such popular acclaim is testament to the vision of Jeffrey Lurie, whose regime reinstated the practice of playing the song over stadium loudspeakers (with a modern addition of projecting the lyrics on the scoreboard) after Eagle touchdowns. The song is now ubiquitous wherever Eagles fans are found. The song has been heard at Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, and Soul games, and even at the Philadelphia Live 8 concert prior to the show. The song is sometimes sung with a slight modification, especially on local radio, in which the lyrics "watch our Eagles fly!" are replaced with "watch those [upcoming opposing team's name] cry!" (e.g. "watch those Cowboys cry!").

Interestingly, the Lurie revival was accompanied by a slight adjustment of the lyrics. Originally, the second line of the song was:

"Fight, Green and White, score a touchdown , one-two-three!"

With Lurie's modernization of team uniforms, however, and the new emphasis on Black and Silver, the mention of the traditional colors was omitted.

Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to victory
Fight, Eagles, fight! Score a touchdown one-two-three
Hit 'em low, hit 'em high,
And watch our Eagles fly
Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to victory
E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!

For more information visit Wikipedia.com

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