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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fierce Winner!

I just won a scarf designed by Project Runway's Christian Siriano. It is was especially designed for the new LG Lotus, Sprint's new QWERTY flip phone with a small and square shape. The scarf Siriano designed has a pocket in it made just to fit the Lotus.
No phone... just the scarf... but it is FIERCE!
To win we had to come up with a new text phrase. Mine was WHRU = Where are you?


Anonymous said...

I'd love a picture!

Heather Kempskie said...

Man, I was hoping to win that scarf. congratulations!


I Scream Fashion said...

Lucky you, I would love to have some of his fierceness! I am not exactly sure how much it is worth, but it is probably worth a lot since he is 'in' right now. Congrats!