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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reduce, Reduce and Reduce Some More

I know that you've all heard the going green mantra of "reduce, reuse, and recycle"! Today's post is focused on how we can reduce the amount of paper coming into our homes, thereby saving trees, eliminating unnecessary shipping costs, and minimizing the amount of paper that needs to be sorted into the recycling pile! Both of these very handy tips came to me from women in my playgroup. Thanks, girls!

First, how many catalogs are you getting delivered to your home that you never even read? Well, get ready for even more catalog overload as we are headed into the catalog "season", just in time for holiday shopping. I know that in our house, we get tons of catalogs that I never have and never will shop from. They always go directly into recycling bin out in our garage.

Here's your opportunity to decline any catalogs that you don't want to be delivered to your home. Head over to the free, easy-to-use Catalog Choice website and simply click Decline for any unwanted catalog. You can go through each letter of the alphabet, or go directly to the catalogs that are the "big offenders" at your house. Also, I've been told that you don't have to take the time to find your customer number for each catalog ....Just check the box "Not Available". Go unburden yourself, and your mail carrier, today!

Also, when was the last time you checked the phone book for something? I honestly can not remember the last time I cracked open the phone book to use the yellow pages or the white pages. Almost everything I could ever need is always online. If you don't actually use the white or yellow pages, you can help save a few million trees and keep the books out of landfills. To not receive the Yellow or White pages at your home, go to Yellow Pages Goes Green and click on "Opt Out" at the top– took me 3 seconds to do it! So easy. And, if you decide that you are missing your book in the future you can always call to request that one be sent to you!

Reduce your paper consumption and save the trees!


james said...

Agree on phone books. I've written many times on my blog about how wasteful they are - as have other bloggers too.

The Yellow Pages industy trumps up sales and numbers to impress - but for the younger generation phone books are completely useless.


kenc said...

if you consider 14 billion references/look-ups measured by viable research groups that these products get as "made up", sure, don't use them.

But since millions of small businesses spend their hard earned ad dollars it must be working or they wouldn't could to spend the money.

And FYI, the industry doesn't knock down trees for its paper. Read more here: http://www.yptalk.com/archive.cfm?ID=322&CatID=3