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Friday, October 10, 2008

Road Trip Photo Fun!

Kelly, our professional passenger, riding shotgun.

Jenn and Shannon being silly.
Making our way through Connecticut

There's the Flag Man!

Oh No! Overturned tractor trailer. Just trying to get there safe.

Like our matching Chester County Moms t-shirts? They were given to us courtesy of
Embroid Me in Lionville.


Nancy said...

oh you silly chicks! looks like you're already having fun! don't get too used to that car - remember you're all minivan mommas when you get back home! :|

i'll be following your shennanigans online, so live it up...i'm partying vicariously thru you four!!! :)

Love, N.

Classy Mommy said...

road trip pics are priceless. traveling by car is much more interesting than all my flights and layovers this past weekend. anxious to hear all about your GM ride! details details details bring them on!