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Monday, December 08, 2008

New E-Commerce Site

The SOC Exchange, a new Internet trading community created by innovative Australian entrepreneur Franco Lagudi, offers individuals and small business owners a new and convenient way to buy and sell online. The new site provides a quick and simple platform to create an online presence in minutes. Sellers follow easy step-by-step instructions to create a personal, customizable e-commerce site which costs just $1 a month, or $10 a year, flat rate.
This low-cost, commission-free pricing sets the site apart from the big auction sites such as eBay which have complicated pricing structures, and offers sellers many more features than the free classified sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji. Most notably, the SOC Exchange allows sellers to list as many items as they want, with up to seven photos per item, in a store-front format which has a dedicated website address. This makes the site ideal for selling a number of items and as a simple e-commerce site where you can sell anything from handmade crafts to outgrown baby clothes.
Buyers register with the site free of charge and can browse the numerous categories by searching by product name, category, college or by the distance they wish to travel to collect larger items like furniture. Buyers can also bookmark sites they wish to return to, and register with their favorite sellers for email updates and information on new products.
Ideal for turning your unwanted items into cash, http://www.thesocexchange.com/ is particularly suitable for parents with baby gear to sell, house clearances, or just making room in your wardrobe – and is much less effort than a traditional yardsale. The SOC Exchange is also the perfect solution for small businesses such as artists, antique dealers, craftsmen, booksellers, rock bands and small retail stores, which wish to sell product online.
The SOC Exchange allows sellers to establish a personal URL as a virtual shop window for their products, and offers the following features:
• an e-mail alert capability, which allows sellers of goods to push e-mails to customers and buyers who sign-up for news updates
• a customer tracking system, which informs the seller of the number of visitors to his or her website
• the ability for seller’s to create a blog on their website
• built-in technical safeguards such as SSL encryption and anti-virus protection, reliable and secure hosting and unlimited disk space and data transfer
• over 150 different webpage styles for customizing a website
• a function which allows sellers to upload a large number of items at once from an Excel spreadsheet
• payment flexibility as payment can be sent and received however the customer and buyer agree, including through Paypal and Google Checkout
• the ability to load up to nine items on the front page of a website, with an unlimited number of items to be listed within the site,
• seven photos per individual item, allowing potential buyers a chance to check out a product from any angle.

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