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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Siblings Busy Book Giveaway

Chester County Mom's is very excited to be able to give one of their readers an autographed copy of The Siblings' Busy Book!

The Siblings' Busy Book is a wonderful resource for any parent looking to create a strong sibling bond for their children through educational and fun activities. The book was written by identical twin sisters, Lisa Hanson and Heather Kempskie, who have do everything together since their birth including having children only months apart! As there families grew, they discovered that the same activities that they were doing with their older children could easily be altered to fit the needs of the new members of their family...and The Siblings' Busy Book was born.

Siblings are our first playmates and oldest friends. It is so important for parents to foster a strong sibling relationship with their children and this book does just that. It contains over two hundred fun activities for children of all ages. The ideas are easy to put into action and the fun that your children will share doing them will create awesome memories. I have already implement many of the ideas with my son and daughter. It's really nice to sit down and do the same activity, just adapted for the age difference.

Thank you Lisa and Heather for this wonderful resource and this wonderful giveaway!

To enter this contest please email contests@chestercountymoms.com and enter "The Siblings' Busy Book" in the subject line.

****This contest will end at midnight on December 20th. The winner will be notified via email and has 10 days to respond. If the winner fails to reply within 10 days, another winner will be chosen. The winner of the contest must be a Chester County resident.****

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