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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valentine's Day Treats & Goodies...Ideas for Kids

It's that time of year again...love is all around us! Next week, on February 14, is Valentine's Day! It's the day that flower shops and Hallmark's all around us thrive on! I'm sure you've been planning a little something special for the ones you love, but just in case you're stumped...we have a few ideas for you. These Valentine's Day treats are great to make with your children and for your children. They are also all wonderful ideas if you're planning on giving your children treats to bring for their classroom Valentine's Day parties at school or even great things to bring your co-workers for fun snacks for the office.

Teachers love when classroom parties run smoothly! So, forget the messy cupcakes this year...why not go for something a little neater...simpler...and that does two jobs at once?!

Like these little treat bags that combine the Valentine's card and treat all in one...

You can create these treat bags by using small cellophane bags (found at any craft store) and a decorated paper topper or sticker. Fill the bags with a favorite candy, like red hots, M&M's, conversation hearts or Hershey's kisses, then attach the paper topper with staples or the sticker to the bag....it's just that simple! You can get creative with the paper toppers and stickers...if you're a stamper...create them using your card stock and stamps...if you're more into digital designs...make round stickers on your computer with a whimsical design - you can even personalize them with your child's name. Get creative!

Another great idea for Valentine's Day cards and a treat is these cute flower and butterfly lollipop holders.
All you have to do is print...cut...and insert a lollipop! Can't get much easier than that!
For the flower design instructions & download, click here and here.
For the butterfly design instructions & download, click here.
Get creative here too...print these designs on colored paper to save time or have your toddler color them for a more "personal" touch!

Would you rather make something that's doesn't involve sugar? Then here's an idea for you...
Make heart shaped crayons! (These might not go over well with your co-workers at the office...but you never know!!!)

This is a great project, because not only are you making something fun and unique for your children to give out to their friends...but you can recycle all of those itty bitty crayon pieces your children have piled in their art boxes!

To make these crayons:
Get out your old crayons. Take off the paper (if it's still on) and break them into smaller pieces (kids love to help with this). Spray your muffin tin (use heart shaped tins or silicone candy molds to make them heart shaped) with vegetable spray and put some crayons pieces into each spot. The more or less you put depends on what size you want for each chunky crayon. You can also group the crayons into colors that are fun together, red and blue for purple, pink tones or blue tones - or even red, pink and white for a fun Valentine's Day theme. Place the muffin tin full of crayons into a preheated oven of 275 degrees F. Watch them carefully, they will melt fast. Bake them for about 7-8 minutes. When they looked melted enough, carefully and slowly remove them from the oven. You can stir them with a toothpick for a swirly look, or leave them as is. Let them cool completely (can be placed in the freezer to speed up process once the tin is not so hot). Once cooled, the crayons can be popped out of the muffin tin, tap the back to help this process.
If you love this idea, but don't want to make them, check out this Etsy shop where you can purchase heart crayons...already made and neatly bagged up for you!

Or how about making these delicious Cookie Pops! Click here for recipe.

Or Valentine's Day Chex Mix! Click here for recipe.

Want something a little more "chocolatey" instead? How about dipping your favorite treats in melting chocolate and handing those out? Like these yummy treats...
Oreos, jumbo marshmallows, Nutter Butter Cookies, pretzel rods, graham crackers sticks and fortune cookies!

All you have to do is melt the chocolate (Almond bark is also good because it "sets" the best) in the mircowave or in a double boiler on the stove until it's completely melted and smooth, then dip your delicious treats! Decorate them with sprinkles if you'd like. Place them on wax paper lined cookie sheets and allow them to "set" or cool. Put them in the refridgerator for a few minutes to speed up the process. You can even wrap the goodies in cellophane bags for a more finished way to disperse them in the classroom or at work.

And one last idea...and probably the healtiest choice of all - Heart Fruit and Cheese Skewers.Just cut out melon and cheese into hearts shapes with a small cookie/pastry cutter. Put the fruit and cheese on kabob skewers...and enjoy!

We hope all of these ideas inspire you to make some fun and delicious Valentine's Day goodies for this upcoming holiday!


Kallita said...

Best selection of candies and other stuff for Valentines Day treat!!

Lindsay Lebresco said...

These are all really cute ideas! I'm definitely going to give one of these a shot!!