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Friday, April 24, 2009

Soap -It Nuts Give Away

Soap-it Nuts are non-toxic & biodegradable. They have no optical brighteners, no petro-chemical compounds, no dyes, no phenols, no fragrances, and no phosphates. Soap Nuts are truly sustainable because they grow on trees and are harvested every year. They will effectively clean your clothes, leaving them fresh and soft. Say good-bye to all that commercial laundry detergent that is harmful to you and our environment. They are economical and easy to use, even if they are ugly.

*Safe on any fabric
*Economical and easy to use
*No plastic containers made from petroleum!
*No need for fabric softener.
*Soap-it Nuts will safely & effectively clean your clothes, leaving them fresh and soft.

*Soap nuts are great for pet shampoo, jewelry cleaning, household cleaning, car washing, and can also be used as a natural pesticide. Click here to learn more.

So what exactly is a ‘soap nut’? It is the dried fruit of the Sapindus Mukossi tree that grows in India and Nepal. This fruit of the tree produces ‘Saponin” a natural cleanser which is a 100% alternative to ‘commercial’ detergent. They are allergy-free and have been used for hundreds of years on all types of fabric in other countries. Soap-it Nuts are highly effective, gentle and cost effective. Our Soap-it Nuts leave laundry clean and their mildness will keep your clothes soft. The fabric structure of your clothes is maintained for longer periods because they are so gentle. They can be used on all types of fabric in any temperature. No fabric softener is necessary because the Soap-it Nuts leave your clothes naturally soft.

How do I to Use Soap-it Nuts? It is easy to use Soap-it Nuts. Simply put 3-4 nuts or shells in the cloth bag provided and throw them in with your wash. They work best in a warm-water wash and cold rinse. Wash clothes as usual. Pull the cloth bag out before you put your clothes in the dryer. Your clothes will be clean, fresh and soft. Use 3-4 nuts for a large load up to 3-4 times. You’ll be amazed.will cut through dirt and grease of even heavily soiled clothes. A liquid soap can easily be made from the nuts and is wonderful for HE machines, cold-water washes or washing dishes.

Enter to win 1 bag of Soap-It nuts (enough for approx. 60 loads of laundry) by leaving a comment below or emailing contests (at) chestercountymoms.com. and enter Soap- It Nuts in the subject line. This contest is open to Chester County Residents. One entry per household. This contest will end on Friday, May 1st at midnight. The winner will be notified via email and has 10 days to claim the prize.


Laura said...

I love it! We cloth diaper and I am always looking for new natural products to try with our laundry.

Connor said...

I would like to e4nter the Soap- It Nuts give away.
Thank you
Barbara Cianciull
2712 Stockley Lane
Downingtown, PA 19335