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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Win a Boo Boo Cube from Lil Boo & Co.!

Congratulations to our Lil Boo & Co. Boo Boo Cubes give away winners: Kate Hargrove, Steph, Caitlin, Chris Stulak, and Jen.

Five readers will have the chance to win a Boo Boo Cube™ from Lil Boo & Co.!

I know what you're thinking...what in the world is a Boo Boo Cube™?!

Well...does your child have a boo boo, bump or bruise that needs some extra care? Place the Boo Boo Cube™ on the "ouchie" and it'll feel all better!

Made with soft flannel cotton fabric and filled with only the best high quality rice, the Boo Boo Cube™ can be frozen or heated in the microwave to suit your child's "boo boo" needs!

Place in the freezer for a safe, non-toxic cold pack and grab it anytime a boo boo happens (a nice alternative to the toxic gel packs...that often leak)! The Boo Boo Cube™ distributes the "cold" evenly without the burning sensation of a bare ice cube or the drippy mess of a cold rag. The Boo Boo Cube™ can also be placed in the microwave for 30 seconds for a soothing warm therapy bag for sore muscles, backaches or even headaches (some moms say that they even used them when they were breastfeeding for a clogged milk duct and soreness)! There's endless uses for the Boo Boo Cube™! And when you're done with it, just toss it back in the freezer until the next time you need it!

Lil Boo & Co. is offering 5 Boo Boo Cubes to give away to 5 Chester County Moms! The winners get to choose their choice of fabric as well. Click HERE to see all the designs.

Lil Boo & Co. is an Etsy shop owned by a local Philadelphia mom!

To enter this contest please leave a comment below or email contests(at)chestercountymoms.com and enter Boo Boo Cube in the subject line. This contest is open to Chester County Residents. One entry per household. This contest will end on Friday, April 24th at midnight. The winner will be notified via email and has 10 days to claim the prize.

Remember...there will be FIVE winners!!


Laura said...

What a cute idea! We always have boo-boo's and I only see the frequency increasing now that Spring is here.

Laura said...

oops.. forgot my email :)

Steph said...

with a newly mobile 9 month old, we are having PLENTY of boo boo's...and plenty more to come!


Caitlin Dee said...

Very cute!!!

ChrisStu said...

what a cute idea!! My daughter would love it when she gets a boo-boo!

christinestulak at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

that is super cute!!! my girls would get boo boos just to use it!!!


ChescoMom said...

Congratulations to the Lil Boo & Co. Boo Boo Cubes winners: Kate Hargrove, Steph, Caitlin, Chris Stulak, and Jen

This contest is closed.