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Monday, May 11, 2009

Brain Development & Immunity from Juicy Juice

Every mom knows that when it comes to food and nutrition for our children, we only want the best!

We want products that help encourage their growth and development so they can be healthy, smart and active children. As moms, we spend countless hours researching products that we want to have in our homes - whether it's toys, books, or even snacks and foods - we only get one chance to make a positive, healthful impact while we raise our children.

That's why moms have come to love and trust Juicy Juice!For a long time Juicy Juice has been the leader in helping parents everywhere supply their children with 100% All Natural Fruit Juice. And Juicy Juice even encourages you to know what's in your juice! You can be confident knowing that Juicy Juice never uses added sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, colors or preservatives...their juice is truly 100% All Natural Fruit Juice. Now, that's something to make all moms smile!

Juicy Juice already has a substantial line of 100% Fruit Juice and Harvest Surprise juices - which are 100% fruit and vegetable blended juices - but they have just launched a new line of products promoting brain development and immunity! Juicy Juice Brain Development and Immunity Fruit Juices not only pack the outstanding flavor and goodness that you've come to trust, but they are enhanced with added nutrients!

Juicy Juice Brain Development Fruit Juice comes in delicious apple and grape flavors and is enhanced with DHA - an essential building block for proper brain development. And since your little ones' brain will triple in size by the time they're two, every chance that a mom can get to enhance that growth is key!

And because kids are exposed to millions of germs each year, Juicy Juice has also developed Immunity Fruit Juice enhanced with Vitamin C and Zinc to help boost and support their immune systems! It also contains Prebiotic Fiber to aid in their digestive health as well. Immunity Fruit Juice comes in delicious apple and berry flavors.

As soon as we heard that Juicy Juice came out with these new Brain Development and Immunity juices, we had to let our kids try them out! They loved them so much that we even took a few sips too! The verdict: They are delicious! As moms, we can feel completely confident knowing that these juices pack the flavor our kids love with the added nutrients they need.

But, just in case you still don't believe us...Juicy Juice wants you to try them out for yourself!

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1 comment:

Lindsay Lebresco (Graco) said...

I just stumbled across this at Target last night & bought some- for me! It's delish! (my daughter seems to like it too)