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Friday, May 29, 2009

PrintArtKids: Masterpieces Immortalized

Can't stand the thought of getting rid of your little Picasso's precious prints, but feel like they are taking over your home? There is a great, local company called PrintArtKids which can help you declutter while preserving some great memories!

The "brainchild" of a local mom whose house was buried under her sons’ artwork, PrintArtKids will transform your kid’s vibrant flower painting into Notepads, transform a homemade holiday ornament into this year's Holiday Card, or take a finger painting and make it a one-of-a-kind Note Card. Your children will be excited to see their artwork turned into custom pieces that will be used again and again!

Looking for a great gift for Dad? Upload your photos or artwork to www.PrintArtKids.com to create a never to be forgotten, one-of-a-kind present just for Dad (or Grandpa)! Place your order by June 7th to ensure your order will be shipped to you by Father's Day!

And, ordering is a snap! Either scan or take a digital photo of your print, and upload to your computer. Since it's digital, you can use your computer to make changes to the photos before sending off to PrintArtKids. Once you've digitized your child's masterpiece, visit www.PrintArtKids.com, select the item you wish to order from “Our Products,” then click on “Order Now.” Simply upload the image to PrintArtKids following the easy to use instructions to create notepads, holiday cards, return address labels and more! For an additional fee, PrintArtKids will even erase errant scribbles.

1 comment:

dolls like us said...

I love your baby pictures they grow up so fast mine are grown now they did my flower beds for mothers day .