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Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Get Things Free or Cheap Using Coupons!

My reader's always want to know:
HOW do you get things for FREE using coupons?

There is one main strategy that you need to use in order to get things super cheap or free with coupons. The trick is to wait until items go on sale, and then pair that sale with a coupon.

Learning your store's coupon policy on coupon doubling will make your dollar stretch even farther. For example, let's say a certain brand of sour cream is on sale for $1. You have a coupon for $.50 off of that brand's sour cream, and that store doubles coupons up to and including $.99. Your coupon will then double to $1, and there you go, free sour cream.

There are entire websites that dedicate their entire existence to coupon match-ups. Coupon users from all over the country contribute to weekly match-ups that pair a store's ad with current available coupons. My two favorite sites for coupon matchups are A Full Cup and Be Centsable's Grocery Gathering!

I write weekly coupon matchups for Acme Markets (Pennsylvania)! You can find them on my website (www.mamacheaps.com) or at the above link for The Grocery Gathering!

Next week's topic: Different Kinds of Coupons

Devon posts regularly on her blog, www.mamacheaps.com. When she is not blogging or designing personalized candy wrappers for her store, Winterwood Press, she is spending time with her husband and her 9 month old daughter.

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