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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Share your voting experience...

I posted my voting adventure and was wondering if anyone would like to share their voting experience?

How long did you wait in line to vote?
What township?
Any thing out of the ordinary to report?
Do you feel voters were leaning more towards Obama? McCain?

If you would like contribute please leave a comment or email me. I will post your first name only (example "Sarah from East Caln Township")
My email address is: sarah@chestercountymoms.com


June from East Marlborough...

How long did you wait in line to vote?
2.5 hours with 3 kids age 2 and under! I went at 7:30 am and the line was super long so I left. I returned at 10:30 hoping for a shorter line but it was just as long. I stayed at 10:30 because it just did not seem like it would get any better. I have never seen so many people voting at this location.

Any thing out of the ordinary to report?
Sigourney Weaver was there talking to voters, signing autographs and posing for pictures and video. She was wearing an Obama/Biden pin. She was very laid back and friendly.

Do you feel voters were leaning more towards Obama? McCain?
No idea. I was amongst many of my neighbors so people were not talking too much about who they were voting for.

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Anonymous said...

Lesley from Uwchlan...
How long did you wait in line to vote? My husband and I waited in line for about an hour. The polling place had coffee and doughnuts out to pass the time away.

Any thing out of the ordinary to report?
Chic-fil-a was there handing out coupons for a free sandwich, to thank people for voting.

Do you feel voters were leaning more towards Obama? McCain?
No Idea.

Anonymous said...

Jenn from East Goshen...

Easy Peazy....

I went at 7 Pm walked in was 1st in line and skipped the booths sat at a table colored in my circles and in 3 min was gone. The polling place is east high school so it is not even a mile away. I then picked up the kids and Tim drove him back to vote and went to the soccer game at the school for a few min and picked Tim up and it was all over in 10 min. They had lines earlier in the day but not tonight. It worked well they were very relaxed you could use a booth or just fill out your sheet in public..... thats why no lines. Signage was mostly McCain and local people. Most everyone I spoke to during the day were voting McCain but I did find 3 Obama voters all from our group......But in my neck of the woods it felt like McCain. Who Knows either way I am not sure we are ready for this!

girlymama said...

I voted around 9:30 and had no line at all in Willistown. The polling place had coffee and cookies, much to the delight of my kids.

Nothing out of the ordinary - except there were less people waiting outside than usual to greet us. We went right over to Starbucks to enjoy our free cup of coffee!

Anonymous said...

Yvonne in West Whiteland Township

I pondered my strategy on how best to vote in this election. My husband went at 6 a.m. He was number 11. By 6:30 the line was wrapped around the building. I drove past at 8:30 and saw it was 150+ deep. My friend and I, who was doing a babysitting swap (brilliant idea when having to vote!), phoned each other a couple of times during the day to give each other the 411 on what the lines looked like. I decided to wait until 2 p.m. I waited about 30 minutes, luckily I got into the building just before it started to rain. Much better than 04 when I was 8 mos pregnant and wore heels only to stand for nearly three hours! Luckily my husband was with me to keep me company!
I was number 1411 this year. We saved our stubs to share with the girls because after all, regardless of how this ends, it is a history-making event.

I guess it was six on one hand, one half a dozen on the other in terms of who was supporting whom. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary, though I did think the whole system of filling in an oval felt more like I was taking the SAT exam than voting for a new president! Isn’t it 2008? Why isn’t any thing electronic anyway?

Anonymous said...

Erika in East Fallowfield... waited from 10:30am-1:30pm to vote with a three year old and an 11 month old. My biggest complaint is that most of the time (when it was within my sight) every other booth was empty. They have EVERY single person going through one lady who hands you your folder. It's not even as if we have machines, we use a pen to fill in circles. They could have twenty people voting at once, instead of five!
I heard more Obama support that McCain, but I also spent most of the time chasing the kids, not chit-chatting!

Chrissie said...

I voted at the West End Fire Company in Coatesville, around 6:30pm. I only had to wait about 20 minutes; thankfully it was only drizzling by that point! From the chatter in the line, it seemed to be a majority for Obama (which is who I was there to vote for as well). There was someone giving out Obama stickers, who was explaining how you could vote straight ticket Democrat on the ballot. There was a Republican there just encouraging people to vote for Republican Tim Hennessey for Coatesville. Other than that, no other Republican reps.

My ballot was number #1111, which I thought must be lucky!