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Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet Kate Gosselin in Exton

Kate Gosselin, will be at the Barnes & Noble in Exton on Sunday, February, 22nd at 2PM signing copies of her book Multiple Blessings.

The couple is also speaking at The Gateway Church in Parkesburg at 9am on 2/22. Click here for more info.


Denise said...

Heard she walked out of B&N after an hour. Did they show up in Parkesburg?

Denise said...

OK, Kate came alone. Guess Jon was hungover.

Anonymous said...

Talked to someone that worked at B &N and they said she left an hour early. People were still waiting in line and she just got up and left. How Rude!

Carly said...

Yes she did leave early. I was one of those people waiting in line. First we had to take numbers and snake around the store. After waiting 4 hours in line, I was told she'd left. Either B&N did a bad job planning or she just left. How disappointing and rude. After they told me she left, I handed the clerk the book and said, "I guess her blessings will pay the bills then!" and left.