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Friday, February 20, 2009

From the Desk of Diane Catrambone

I'm looking for a couple of "pro bono" clients to work with me for the month of March. Here is the criteria:

1. Must be willing to meet with me 3 times by phone for 30 minutes for the month of March.

2. Will will have an in person meeting (or by phone if you are too far away) for 1.5 hours to do a complete intake session. For you, it will help you gain great insight. For me, it will help me to practice the intake session which is very involved, but energizing!

3. You will also have access to my members only coaching website for the month. THERE WILL BE $15 CHARGE FOR THIS which covers my cost to use the website. It's worth the money, as there are pretty amazing resources on the site.

4. You help me become an efficient, effective coach and I help you with some health change you would like to make. If you have no need or are not interested, I can certainly appreciate that. Maybe you know of someone who would really appreciate a month of free coaching, please pass the offer along. I'm all about spreading the love!!

That's it folks. First come.....you know the drill!

Diane Catrambone
Personal Health and Fitness Coach

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