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Monday, June 22, 2009

Coupons, Coupons, Everywhere!

Okay, so you want to use coupons to save money. You know the lingo, you know to wait for a sale, but where can you find good coupons?!

Good coupons are EVERYWHERE!

Types of Coupons
Some of the different kinds of coupons out there include:
- Inserts: Manufacturer coupons found in the newspaper inserts in the Sunday paper
- Printables: Just as the name suggests, these are coupons that can be printed off of the internet. Many stores are leery of accepting these (some actually have written policies rejecting them). That is because they are frequently targets of fraud, through reproductions, barcode altering, etc. Make sure you know your store's policy before trying to use them.
- Tear Pad: Coupons found in the store on a tear pad usually located right near the product they are advertising
- Catalinas: Coupons that print out of the little machines next to the register at grocery stores, drug stores, etc.
- Peelies: Coupons found on the actual product that you peel off to use
- Hang Tags: Coupons that hang from the actual product (most common on bottles, such as wine)

Next week's topic: Coupon Stockpiling

Devon posts regularly on her blog, www.mamacheaps.com. When she is not blogging or designing personalized candy wrappers for her store, Winterwood Press, she is spending time with her husband and her 9 month old daughter.

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